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  • Distracted? You didn't study!

    Using data analysis we can make better exams which will aid students in diagnosing where in the subject matter they need to ask more questions for better understanding.
    The idea is to get students to ask more questions in class for better comprehension and retention.
    Better distractors will help them focus.  

    16/05/2018 | Category tag(s): Opinion

  • The value of understanding

    "We used to talk about things at the dinner table and the take away then and still today seems to be simple...
    not everything can be viewed with only positive scopes and mass mob mentality.
    We need to teach children the value of understanding."     Read More...

    08/05/2018 | Category tag(s): Opinion, Values

  • Parent Olympics - Official rules now published!

    Consult the official #ParentOlympics competition rules in this blog post!
    Enter the competition now - you might win a parent gold medal!

    26/04/2018 | Category tag(s): Parents, Social

  • #EatBroccoli presents: First Parent Olympics competition!

    This Thirsday, April 26th 2018, a new competition will be launched on LinkedIn to value parenting.
    #EatBroccoli is proud to be the official host of this competition.
    Here's a sneak peek at what should be the launching post.

    Curious? Read On!

    23/04/2018 | Category tag(s): Parents, Social

  • #EatBroccoli blog - now open!

    Want us to publish your story, opinion or article?
    Drop us a message at: hello@eatbroccoli.org

    22/04/2018 | Category tag(s): Other