#EatBroccoli presents: First Parent Olympics competition!


By: Suzanne Spaner & Thomas Fisher

#EatBroccoli brings you the LinkedIn post that is tended to launch the Parent Olympic games this week.
During the competition we will also be posting selected entries here, on the #EatBroccoli blog.
Finally, when the competition is over, we will make sure to publish the winners and the winning stories!

-- LinkedIn Post --

Now that the Winter Olympics is over, how about a #ParentOlympics?

We want parents to #GoForTheGold, be inspired, and share their experiences.
That’s why we created #ParentOlympics, a fun competition to promote good parenting practice.

We want to hear your parenting stories about teachable moments, common situations, creative techniques, etc.

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

  1. Look for the Parenting Topic each month that you will write or create a video story of how you handle that topic with your child(ren)
  2. Post entry on Linkedin with #ParentOlympics
  3. Tag Ran Michael, MSc, PMP, Suzanne Spaner, Thomas Fisher and Rachel West Palombo.
  4. Check out other #ParentOlympics entries and comment with your feedback
  5. Join our LinkedIn group and view our website (link in comments) for rules, judging criteria, example posts, and updates on current and future competitions. [Insert link to LI group here]


How do you handle your child(ren)'s challenging eating habits?

Inspire us.....who knows, maybe you’ll be the next #ParentOlympics medalist!

Check out the comments below to see an example of a parenting practice that inspired us to create the #ParentOlympics

Here is the story of Suzanne Spaner in response to Gary Vaynerchuk's video about #kindness:

"Kindness rocks.
Our daughter shared with me that one of the girls in her class had been crying because other girls were making fun of her artwork.
I asked her what she did in that moment and was proud that she didn't join in on the teasing.
I suggested that the next time she sees this happen that she walk over to the girl who is crying and tell her that "kids can be mean and hurt your feelings, but my Mommy tells me to stick with the kids who are nice. I care about you and am your friend."
She liked that idea and we role played/practiced a few times until she felt she understood and remembered the message. She's only 6, but never too young to start learning these valuable lessons.
KINDNESS can make such a lasting impact and is priceless. Thanks Gary!!!!"

Isn't this worth a #gold #medal?

What's your parenting story?
Share it now to enter the competition!

Follow this link to see the official web page of Parent Olympics.

Also see: The #ParentOlympics Competition Rules

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