Parent Olympics

Ladies 👩🏻 and gentlemen 👨🏿, girls 👧🏼 and boys 👦🏾,

We are proud to announce the first #ParentOlympics 🏆 games!

Today, more than ever, youth tend to idolize people for possessing one talent:  Athletes, artists and youtubers are just to name a few.

Youth have always had idols, leaders who inspire, objectives to aspire to and that's natural.

Nevertheless, in our new, extremely mediatized globe, we tend to admire the shiny and the rich - a lot thanks to well-crafted marketing campaigns.

Some talents are rarely caught on camera 🎥, not to say broadcasted on television 📺, nor on the internet 🌐, and parenting is one of these undervalued talents.

With the Torah's 3000 years-old fifth commandment in mind "כבד את אביך ואת אימך", - Honour thy father and thy mother -
It's time to both value and valorize parents in the 21st century!

We created #ParentOlympics 🥇🥈🥉, an online competition for fun, to raise awareness and to give some recognition to the hard role parents play every day, 24/7.
No time-outs, nor half-time breaks. It's 💯% real!

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Make sure to return to this page at least once a month for updates and future editions of #ParentOlympics.
Also visit our Blog for updates and winners announcements!

Let the games begin ! 🏆

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